Here you can see the main business projects that we have supported at the High Technology Incubator in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy (IAT).


Characterisation of biofortified products: compost and vermicompost. Ecological certification. Biotechnological improvement of production processes and study of packaging and marketing.

Revalorisation of organic waste to obtain a biofertiliser and other high added value products.

Sustainable production of high quality organic proteins, fats and fertilisers from the breeding and processing of the dipteran Hermetia Illucens.

Development of protein products for animal feed and biofertilisers from insects (Acheta domesticus).


Development of aromatic plants in Extremadura and their value maximisation, integrating in a single farm the whole value chain that the aromatic plants and microalgae sector can offer, from cultivation in the field, through the production of ingredients (extracts, active ingredients) to the final product for the consumer (seasoning, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc.).

Valorisation of waste and by-products from the charcoal production industry by obtaining activated carbons and other materials of technological interest.

Dehesa San Salvador

Dehesa San Salvador

Use of the flower as a by-product of organic Aloe vera cultivation.


Production of energy-efficient nanomaterials from unused waste, such as cigarette butts. This product makes it cheaper to produce electronic components capable of storing energy, the supercapacitors.


Use and reuse of by-products and waste from the natural cork industry to give them a new life and utility, taking advantage of their properties in the production of pieces of great functional, decorative and aesthetic value and avoiding the costs and effects involved in their management on an environmental and economic level.

Explotaciones Agrícolas Rosa

Valorisation of agri-food waste through the design of integrated processes to obtain biomaterials.

Extractos Suroeste

Extractos Suroeste

Extraction of hydroxytyrosol from olive leaf and alperujo resulting from the olive oil production process.

Obtaining biocomposites with application in agricultural crops from the valorisation of by-products of the agri-food industry and the agro-livestock sector.


Production of high added value products from local Extremaduran production of goji berries and cherries from the waste generated during the cherry production process for fresh marketing.


Valorisation of meat industry by-products for the production of premium wet pet food products.



Development of products with high added value through the integral use of acorns.


Application of new technologies for innovation in the production of charcoal in Extremadura and its environmentally sustainable development.

Improvement of the production process of postbiotics by valorisation of agro-industrial waste as a source of nutrients.


Valorisation of agro-industrial, livestock and urban organic waste into high value biomaterials ready to be re-applied in different industries, as compost, fertiliser of dehydrated live food


Eco-efficiency in the management and recovery of waste from the Kombucha production process, by obtaining phytochemicals and compounds with high added value.

La Rinconada

Development of new products from the valorisation of the nopal leaf and fruit.


Integral valorisation of aloe vera juice processing waste to produce microencapsulated biocomposites, dietary fibre for incorporation into different dietary products with natural coatings and compost.

Lombriz Azul


Valorisation of solid urban organic waste and agri-food waste through the production of biofortified humus.



Generation of valuable products from the recovery of discarded fresh fruit.

Development of functional edible coatings from rice by-product.


Production of 100% pure and natural handmade spirulina for marketing fresh spirulina and production of high added value compounds from extraction and purification of compounds present in spirulina for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other applications.

Soluciones Dehesa Sana


Sustainable biotechnological solutions to improve the immunity and resilience of plants against pathogenic micro-organisms.


Obtaining lycopene and other compounds of interest from the valorisation of tomato skins and seeds.

Valorisation of agro-industrial waste, through biotechnological processes, for the eco-design of new products made from bio-based materials.


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