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To support the creation of new technology-based companies and accelerate business projects in the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, the IAT offers a set of facilities, scientific and technological equipment and advanced services to meet the objectives and needs of each particular case, depending on its degree of maturity and the nature of the project.



Business projects related to Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, to develop new solutions, products and/or processes with high added value, in an initial phase, that need support to validate in an agile way the different aspects that determine their technological, commercial and financial viability.


Projects of consolidated SMEs with driving potential for the agro-industrial sector, which want to develop or apply technologies related to the Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy and need support to do so and to strengthen their innovation management skills.

Depending on the objectives and particular needs of each project, at IAT we help you to:

We have two programmes to support technology-based business projects

Pre-Acceleration Programme

If you have a business idea related to Bioeconomy and Circular Economy and you don’t know where to start, this programme helps you to accelerate the step from “idea” to “project” and to validate in an agile way the different aspects that determine the viability of the future business. It consists of a series of training and advisory actions to improve the capacity of entrepreneurs to design projects with a high potential for success and develop an entrepreneurial/innovative profile.

Incubation and Acceleration Programme

If you need support to develop a technology-based project to valorise regional natural resources and/or by-products and waste of the agri-food industry, the incubation and acceleration programme offers you, depending on the degree of maturity of the project and its nature:

  • Hosting in an individual or shared space at the IAT, with access to its workspaces, laboratories and other common areas and services (security of facilities by video surveillance system, telephony and internet, cleaning of common areas, maintenance);
  • Expert scientific-technological advice to validate a prototype and optimise the production process, defining requirements for industrial scale-up;
  • Training and consultancy actions to promote business development and the market launch of the prototyped product/process and to strengthen innovation management skills.
  • Access to the community made up of the incubated companies and all the agents of the IAT ecosystem, being able to participate in different networking actions aimed at boosting relations and collaboration within this ecosystem.

This is a comprehensive support to promote business R&D in the framework of the Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy.

The IAT has more than 1000 m2 of incubation space, laboratories, pre-industrial pilot plant and other common areas.

Here you can find out more about them.

How to access the IAT

The projects supported can be promoted by entrepreneurs, individually or in teams, micro-enterprises or SMEs.

Initiatives can be at different stages of development, from an initial idea that requires validation, to a testing process in a relevant environment.


Are you in one of these situations?

I have a business idea related to Bioeconomy and Circular Economy and I don’t know where to start.

I have a technology-based project underway to obtain a new product/improve a process by valorising regional natural resources and/or by-products and waste from the agri-food industry and I need support for its development and technological, commercial and financial validation.

I have a consolidated SME, I want to improve my products/processes by applying Bioeconomy and Circular Economy principles and I need scientific-technological support to do so and to strengthen my innovation management skills.


Incubation and Acceleration

If you have a technology-based business project related to Bioeconomy and Circular Economy to obtain new products/processes with high added value or apply a technological development, we can support you throughout the process.

Submit your project proposal in response to the IAT´s calls, which you will find here:

If you are a large agribusiness company in Extremadura, in particular specialised in agri-food biotechnology, you can join the IAT ecosystem and participate by expressing your needs and challenges in open innovation processes that can generate new business projects. Contact us at info@iatex.es

Here you can download the Internal Operating Regulations of the IAT, a set of rules that regulate the general conditions of access and use of its infrastructures and equipment, as well as the rights and obligations of users.


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